General information

Admission is based on a competitive examination of the applicants, guaranteeing a high level of quality. After a first screening of applications, shortlisted students will be contacted for interviews. Austrian residents will be invited for face-to-face interviews; applicants from abroad will have phone interviews. The outcome of the interviews forms the basis for the final acceptance. The doctoral college is open for national and international students (not limited to the European Union). The promotion of female researchers is a major goal of the doctoral college. In accordance with the program guidelines, at least five of the ten PhD positions we are applying for will be given to women. Applicants should have obtained a master's degree with distinction.

All accepted applicants will be provided a scholarship in 3 years. There will be 10 scholarships with 949.50 EUR per month, 14 times per year for 15 hours/week working basis. There are also possibilities to participate in other research work. In this case, an additional salary will be provided.

The following documents have to be submitted by the applicants:

  • Degree certificate of finished master degree or higher in the field of Computer Science or Mathematics
  • Short Summary of the master thesis in English
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Any certificate attesting knowledge of the English language (TOEFL, IELTS or CAE)
  • Two letters of recommendations.

Call for applications 2012/2013:

  • New applications are welcome
  • The next selection meeting will be held in Winter 2012
  • Submission deadline for the next selection meeting: Nov 15, 2012
  • Start of program: Summer semester 2013 (phase-in)

How to apply

All information provided in the application form must be accurate and complete. Incomplete applications will be rejected immediately. Your application must be provided in two different steps. Please exactly follow the steps as outlined below and sent exactly the requested documents. Otherwise your application cannot be processed.

Step 1 - Electronic application using email:

Email your application form, together with all required application documents to The subject must be DK_EI_2012.

Attach exactly three separate PDF files as follows. Use exactly the three names "form.pdf", "documents.pdf" and "thesis.pdf" for your attachment. Otherwise we are not able to automatically process your application.

a) form.pdf = the filled out the application form (in MS Word or PDF). The application form has to be filled out electronically and must be saved in PDF format. This version does not have to be signed in any way. We cannot accept scanned versions, because the application form will be processed electronically.

b) documents.pdf = all other application documents as stated in the table below. The order of the documents in the attachment documents.pdf must be as follows:


Order Nr. Max. number
of pages
Necessary content
1 2

Motivation letter

Provide a motivational letter where you argument why you would like to join the Doctoral College “Environmental Informatics” and why you think you are eligible for consideration.

2 2


Provide your CV.

3 1

Scan of your passport

Provide a scan of your passport (only the pages containing your personal data and picture)

4 no page limit

List of publications

If available, provide a list of your publications.

5 2

Letter of recommendation #1

Provide a letter of recommendation of your master thesis advisor.


You must use our recommendation letter template (in MS Word or PDF). Applications with recommendation letters not using the template cannot be accepted.

6 2

Letter of recommendation #2

Provide a second letter of recommendation of a person of your choice, other than your master thesis advisor.


You must use our recommendation letter template (in MS Word or PDF). Applications with recommendation letters not using the template cannot be accepted.

7 no page limit

English Language Certificates

If your first language is not German or English, you must submit an English Language Certificate.

Any certificates attesting knowledge of the English language (TOEFL, IELTS, or CAE) are eligible.

8 no page limit

Copy of academic records

Provide a copy of your academic records for your bachelor and master levels (or equivalent levels).


If your final examination report is not in English or in German, you must provide a certified transcript of the examination report!


c) thesis.pdf = a copy of your master thesis. Attach your thesis, even if it has been written in another language than English or German. If your thesis is not completed yet because you are still studying in your master's program, please attach an English abstract of your thesis.

Please use the exact file names for the three attachments as stated above. If your email contains the correct documents and the subject matches, you will receive a confirmation email. Expect one working day for your application to be processed.

Step 2 - Hard copy application:

Return your application form (and *only* the application form), containing your hand-written signature in hard copy to:

Administration of the DK EI
Distributed Systems Group
Vienna University of Technology
Argentinierstrasse 8/184-1
A-1040 Vienna


Note that accepted applicants will need to submit certified hard copies of all other application documents as stated in documents.pdf. However, we do not require these hard copies in the interview phase.